Trekking in North East India is like walking on the road not taken, it is primitive and untouched. Trekking in northeast India includes routes through stunning places such as Ziro valley, Lilabari and Gangtok. These areas act as great trekking destinations due to their hilly terrain and massive flowing rivers such as the Brahmaputra. It is fast becoming a classic trekking trail and a hotspot for adventurers. And why wouldn’t it? For the amount of effort put in by the businesses to provide clients with first class experiences. For now, the leaves are still crisp, waiting to be crunched. Hence, in the coming years this industry is surely going to boom in North East India !!
And we believe with the information brought to you by Advancing North East in this section of Adventure Tourism, you can certainly kick start your business. It has all the information regarding  potential locations, SOPs, documentation required, risk mitigation and many other details, perfectly curated for business heads like you !