Raw Material Input

seed Lentils
capacity Capacity

400 kg

Target Process

process-1 Inspection
process-1 Pre-cleaning
process-1 Magnetic Separato
process-1 MTRA (Fine Cleaner/Separator Classifier/Sieve Grader)
process-1 Gravity Separator
process-1 Drying
process-1 Polishing

Final Products


Cleaned, Graded, Packaged dal (lentils).


Infrastructure Required

icon-1.png Plot

10000 sq.ft.

icon-2.png Shed

1,500 sq. ft.

icon-3.png Power

16 KW

icon-4.png Water

1900 Ltr/shift

Plan and Machinery Required

2 Mover
3 Seperator
4 Destoner
5 Huller
6 Dust Fan
7 Sortex
8 Auto Packing

Plant and Machinery Cost

Details In INR in Lakhs
Land and Building 40.00
Machinery and Equipment 100.00
Working Capital 40.00
capacity Employment Generation

Direct: 8 nos

Indirect: 12 nos

Cost Of Sale or Either

500.00INR /kg approx

750.00Sale p.a. INR In Lakhs

0.04 In USD/per kg

10.41Annual sale in Millions

Target Sales Revenue 300 days p.a. 8 hours shift

INR 750.00Lakhs

USD 10.41Million

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