Archita Ray



Archita Ray’s hatchery cum poultry farm has brought employment to many women in Tripura. Her firm Kanup Hatchery in Amtali is one of the first private hatcheries in the state of Tripura. For more than 15 years now, Archita a resident of Amtali, has been growing the business successfully. Over the years the hatchery has produced more than three lakhs chicken every year. Archita began her journey in 1995 with a small loan of 5 lakhs to start her poultry business. Initially the scale of business was small and had a monthly hatching capacity of only 2500 chicks. In the second phase it was increased to 13,500. With the success of the hatchery she was able to repay her government loan and then again in 2007, she took another loan of Rs 19,47,000 from the State Bank of India to further increase hatching capacity of her unit by installing the latest hatching machineries. A young arts graduate then, Archita preferred to venture on her own rather than go for a government job. She discovered that there was huge import of eggs and chickens from outside her state and that is how she decided to start the hatchery- poultry. Her work not only provides employment but reduce dependency on other states for eggs and chickens.