Priyanka Dasgupta


Indian Gymnast

Priyanka Dasgupta has emerged as the next Gymnast icon after Dipa Karmakar as she clinches four gold medals in the artistic gymnastics in the Khelo India Youth Games 2020 held in Guwahati. Priyanka Dasgupta sat giggling among her peers in one corner of the gymnastics hall here at the Khelo India Youth Games. Though not on billboards yet, she is a well-known figure in her state Tripura, of late. Among her cravings is a wish to emulate her didi — Dipa Karmakar — and be as famous as her if not more. And the admiration and excitement every mention of her didi evokes in her during our conversation is indescribable. From lending tips to costumes, Dipa didi has something to do with a lot of her lif