Zomawii Hrahsel



Zomawii Hrahsel runs the Diki Bakery in Aizawl, Mizoram, which sells proudcts under the Tepuia Chaang brand name. Initiated in 1997, a widow and a mother of 3 children Zomawii took over the kakery on her own in 2010 after her partner and husband passed away. Initially running a small family grocery store, Hrahsel and her husband often used to make make cakes and other bakery items for sale in their shop. The bakery products began to sell more than their other grocery items. That was how the duo turn their attention to bakery production. Soon their products gained momentum and are now in great demand in Aizawl and other parts of Mizoram. From engaging a few employees it has grown to a more than 10 member team. The unique selling point for Tepuia Chaang is its quality, taste and innovative product and ingredients that suit the local taste buds. Their annual sales come up-to to over 50 lakhs per year. Their products range from biscuits to cakes for various events and occasion. Meanwhile Hrahsel is also involved in local philanthropy and gives out bakery products on special events such as Christmas to the disadvantaged.