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A virtual internship is a work experience program where the participant (intern) gains experience while working in a remote professional setting and is not physically present at the job location. Virtual interns communicate with their employer online through various means including email, Skype, WhatsApp, instant messaging, phone conversations, webinars, project management tools, SMS messaging, etc.

Virtual internships are undertaken by both students and graduates, usually some form of white-collar work, often within fields suitable to remote work such as information technology, media, creative arts, or public relations.

Virtual internships in STEM offer students a solid basis for integrating their studies with the practical effect a STEM profession may have on the physical world. Usually, individuals that participate in a STEM internship, be it virtual internships in science, or other fields,  enjoy several rewards. 

One is building one or more mentor connections that give constructive feedback, encouragement, and exposure to future possibilities. Another benefit involves transferring from an academic to a professional atmosphere, providing many students with their first glimpse of a real career’s good and bad parts. Finally, including virtual internships in STEM on an application form might offer a student a strategic advantage.    

So without further adieu, here are the 5 finest Virtual Internships in STEM to advance your career: 

  • Dentistry: When it comes to medicine, dentistry is a one-of-a-kind field. As an intern, your role will have different responsibilities, from greeting patients to learning to treat their dental health problems and gaining experience to use the necessary tools and technologies. Furthermore, by doing internships, you can practically experience clinical activities like consultation, diagnosis, and patient treatment, i.e., comprehensive patient-centered dental care. You also get the necessary guidance and support from professional dentists. Apart from this, you’ll also learn about the life of dentists, including the challenges they face, various treatment plans, and technologies used in the field of dentistry today.


  • Computer Engineering: If you look for virtual internships in technology, computer engineering might be an excellent choice. Computer engineers may seek equipment that processes information more rapidly than prior iterations; they may aim to make computers smaller and more portable. They may create new functionalities for computer technology or try to expand accessibility. Computer engineering internships are ideal for science and technology students to narrow their scope and focus on their career paths.


  • CAD Mechanical Engineering: CAD Mechanical Engineering is one of the many diverse engineering specializations. As a result, it is one of the premier options for virtual internships in engineering. A CAD engineer is responsible for generating technical and comprehensive design drawings utilizing CAD software packages. They develop virtual models and blueprints to ensure accuracy.  


  • Web Development: An internship in web development can be a good choice for students from the field of technology. You get practical work experience and an introduction to creating and improving web-based systems. The internship involves real-world projects and opportunities. Students can gain hands-on experience in the web and app development field by doing a web development internship. They can work either as full-stack or back-end or front-end developers. They can manage to develop and run the website independently without any help. You need to have technical skills to become a web developer as it requires coding. It is also a good option for virtual internships in STEM since you will deal with Python, Java, and other programming languages like HTML, PHP, JavaScript, etc.

Data Scientist: A data scientist analyses, processes, and models data to create quality, actionable plans for companies. It is a good option for virtual internships in mathematics since it combines statistics, maths, and computer science. You have to be an analytical expert in utilizing your skills in technology and social science to solve organizational problems. This way, you will be able to find and manage trends in data to create solutions for business challenges.