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Sector – New Age Careers

Our resume is the passport to your potential employers. Employers see in the resume what values ​​you can offer for the position offered as a candidate. It sells your skills and abilities through a thoughtfully articulated message that demonstrates your eligibility for the position you have applied for.

Most recruiters skim resumes for an average of 7.4 seconds, as per a survey. The design of a resume for jobs, therefore, is insistent on conveying important information that employers want to see in this situation. For immediate effect, important information should be conveyed in a concise form in it, keeping readability and length under control. 

At high-end companies, our resume often needs to be integrated with a robotic applicant tracking system (ATS) before it can be delivered directly to an individual. According to Forbes, 75 percent of job applications are rejected before the human eye can see them. So, consider creating it to match the expected keywords in your job description with the components of your resume. Here are the 5 things employers look for in a CV or resume.

  • Skills and Expertise: We must make sure that we include all the previous roles and all the skills we have acquired. Our skills will complement your experience and ultimately qualify you for the job offered.
  • Qualifications: We must highlight the relevant academic credentials, especially when they are listed as required or desirable in the selection criteria. Certifications add weight to the specialised line of work.
  • Experience: Our resumes are scanned for the right kind of experience. Hence, we must make sure that our experience, regardless of tenure or the number of positions, is consistent with the position you are applying for. Mention your contribution and value addition in high-profile assignments.
  • Accomplishments: Achievements are measurable and must be specified in numbers or percentages. Recruiters attribute our qualifications to past proven results. As a digital marketer, we may have achieved more than your target for a marketing campaign, for example; make sure that we mention it with numbers and also demonstrate how we achieved it.
  • Presentation: Effective resume format, language, and readability make the resume catch the attention of a hiring manager. We must make sure that our resume format is such that the recipient can open it easily as no HR would want to download separate software to view our resume. When we save your resume, we must include your name, for example, “Name–Resume”, in the saved title.

 It is also a courtesy to keep our online resume light. Also, we must include keywords in the resume by scanning the job description and making sure that your language in the resume matches it. This will create a connection between your profile and the role requirements in the evaluator’s mind. Ensure that a resume layout is clear and consistent, with only one type of font (even for highlighting). 

We should use bullet points instead of long sentences to outline skills, accomplishments, responsibilities, etc. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes at all costs. Lastly, we must keep our resume run in reverse chronological order and leave no ambiguity in work history. While keeping the description as concise as possible, make sure that there are no inconsistencies in the responsibilities or accomplishments you have included in the resume.