Topic – Education
State – National
Sector – Information Technology (IT)

The field of Media and Mass Communication has to do with dissemination of information and entertainment to a large section of the population. There are multiple roles available within the industry in government and private sectors including opportunities in start-ups and being self-employed. There are numerous programs in universities across India and abroad and varied pathways to develop the key skills required and to pursue a career in this industry.
Careers encompassing in the field include Journalism, Event Management, Public Relations, Film Editing, and Cinematography etc. Let us do a quick dive into them.

  • Mass Communication & Journalism: Mass communication involves transmission of information to large number of heterogeneous people or organisation by a an organisation or a group of people through mass media. Journalism, on the other hand, entails the collection, preparation, production, distribution, reporting and broadcasting of news and reports on events based on facts and evidence through
    print and electronic media.
  • Radio Jockey/Video Jockey: Radio Jockey is a professional who hosts radio talk shows, plays music, holds discussions and interacts with the audience via online or through telephone. Video Jockey, on the other hand, is a professional who plays videotaped programs, comments and introduces music videos or live music performances on commercial music channels.
  • Writer, Editor, Copywriter: Writer is a professional who uses written words in varies techniques to communicate ideas, thoughts, stories or poems for publication. Editor is a professional who is in charge of determining the final contents of a print or media publication. Copywriting is the profession of writing prose for advertisements aimed at increasing brand awareness to promote and sell products or services.
  • Public Relations: Public Relations is a management profession that deals with strategic communication process to build and maintain mutual relationship between the public and an organization and its stakeholders. Basically, Public relations (PR) is the activity of systematically controlling the distribution and relaying of information between a person or organization and the public in general.
  • Content Writer: Content Writer is a professional who plans,edits, researches, writes and creates content for digital marketing. As content writer, individuals are professionals who intend to provide relevant and engaging content for products, websites, organizations. Every company needs content writers who could write about the company’s product and services in the most involving way.
  • Film Editor: Film Editor edits raw post-production motion pictures by selecting shots, raw footage and combines them into sequences to create a finished motion picture. A film editing professional is responsible for compiling random video shots in a sequence with the addition of music, graphics and special effects to give viewers a real-time experience. Such videos involve both technology and creativity. There are video editing software programmes installed on computers through which a video editor puts various effects on picture quality, edits sound, adds music, cuts reels and arrange shots in a sequence that narrates a story in an intriguing manner.
  • Cinematographer: Cinematographer oversees all the camera and light works in audio-visual productions. Cinematographers also known as directors of photography, capture videos, movies or short films. All motion pictures that we see today are possible because of cinematographers involved in the photography and film industries.
  • Event Management: Event Management involves overseeing the management, development and all logistics leading up to and during a personal or corporate event such as festivals, concerts, conferences, weddings or ceremonies. Event Management is a course which deals with the planning, coordinating, and organising of events for people and communities.
  • Wedding Planner: Wedding Planner is a professional who provides assistance to a client with the design, planning, organisation and management of the wedding of the clients.