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The importance of health and time we have duly realised when we were in lockdown and how vital it is to stay healthy. Post COVID-19, one thing that’s taken a priority for every human being is their health. They have started prioritizing health over anything and are doing every possible thing to lead a life in a hearty and blooming manner. Due to this, there has been a surge in people going for dietary changes, hitting the gyms, and following a healthy lifestyle with the help of nutritional and wellness experts.

A career in the nutrition and wellness industry could be a pertinent fit for you if you revel in studying and exploring a healthy style of living, apt nourishment, mindful eating, and the overall well-being of the body and the soul. Studying nutritional courses at Under-Graduate, Post Graduate and doctorate levels, will help you to kick-start and track down some of the most illustrious nutrition jobs and start a career for the wellness of people. Here are some of the career options:

  • Health Coach: These days, one of the most upcoming nutrition careers is as a health coach. A health coach offers an extensive avenue towards health, keeping in mind all different perspectives of a client’s life and benefiting them by providing customized approach for leading a fitter lifestyle. They can be your personal health applause, booster, and supporter. They guide you to self-discover yourself and learn to work on your flaws positively.


  • Sports Nutritionist: Sports Nutritionist is one such career that has seen an immense surge. A sports nutritionist’s primary role is to encourage athletes and players on how to guard the nutritional regimes that can help them achieve superlative functioning on and off the field. They tell the players and educate them by telling which food will be appropriate for their bodies. They are experts in explaining the effects of foods on the human body. Their main role is to analyze the types of foods and fluids that should be consumed by them according to their build and weight.  They work closely with the players by telling them the importance of organic food to excel in their sports careers. To work as a sports nutritionist, one should be able to balance the intake of food and plan a workout regime.


  • Recipe Developer: Some people are born naturally intuitive foodies while they focus on kitchen experiments and have compiled a list of creative recipes that have high nutritional values too. Being a recipe developer is one of the ingenious nutrition careers on our list. Developing a recipe for the benefit of people is a leading-edge way to keep people hearty and healthy. A career in this field of study will give you an opportunity to hold exceptional, yet exclusive, preparations while also motivating others to eat zealously.


  • Food or Wellness Blogger: Until a few years ago, Blogging was considered a leisure activity. However, an increase in social media platforms has opened creative avenues for bloggers to showcase their innovative ways to promote the product. It is a lucrative career that gives a fat cheque too. If you have a knack for nutrition and want to combine it with blogging, then Food or Wellness blogging is your calling.


  • Wellness Writer: This is an upcoming career that is generating loads of job opportunities. These writers can work in print media, and online media, or can create content for Instagram blog pages too. To kick-start a career as a wellness writer you can obtain a degree in journalism and do a specialised diploma course in nutrition.


  • Clinical Dietitian: Clinical dietitians are the ones that provide nutritional medicine treatment for patients in nursing homes and hospitals. They evaluate a client’s nutritional requirements and establish and fulfill nutrition programs to report the final fruitful results. The path of a nutritional dietitian and clinical is almost identical but the only difference is the way they deal with and perform. While dietitians usually practice in hospitals or run in their own space, clinical dietitians typically work with doctors and wellness clinics. Their aim is to assist patients with prolonged chronic health concerns through remedial nutrition.      



Food Safety Auditor: Food Safety Auditors is synonymous with a magician, someone who would clinch that the food we are consuming is favorable for our gut, and the supply chain system has been properly surveyed. Their primary focus is on conducting inspections, writing detailed reports, and also educating the people on food safety regulations and policies to be followed in a manufacturing unit. To pursue this career, you would need a bachelor’s degree in food technology or nutritional technology,  agriculture Science/ biochemistry.