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Sector – Medical Professional

While MBBS and BDS are some of the most common choices of medical courses after 12th in India, many medical and paramedical courses do not require NEET for admission. These medical courses without NEET are best for students who couldn’t qualify for NEET or don’t want to pursue MBBS/BDS. 

So if you are one of those who didn’t do well in the test, don’t worry you can still pursue your dream of pursuing a degree in life sciences with these courses: 

  • Bachelors in Nursing: If you are one of those who want to serve society by taking care of patients, then a 4-year Bachelors of Science  course in Nursing might just be the one for you. The undergraduate course provides students with complete knowledge and skills to assist doctors and take care of the patients. 

  • Bachelors in Biotechnology: A 3-year undergraduate course in Biotechnology focuses on biological sciences, chemical and biochemical engineering, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry and genetics. Under this Programme, students study about genetic technology, and learn how to develop treatments for different diseases.

Students pursuing Bachelors of Science in Biotechnology can also be employed in various Pharmaceutical companies.

  • Bachelors in Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Engineering is a part of engineering which works on creating new ways to improve human health by involving techniques of engineering into biology and medicine. 


A 4-year undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering comprises the study of tissue engineering, molecular or systems level biology/physiology. Not only that, students also get to study biomedical electronics, biomechanics, cellular engineering, genetic engineering, bio-instrumentation and medical imaging etc.

  • Bachelors in Food Technology: Food Technology involves a blend of physical, chemical or microbiological processes and techniques for transforming raw ingredients into food and also other forms in food processing industry. A 4-year undergraduate course in Food Technology involve taking clean, harvested crops or butchered animal products and devise strategies to produce attractive, marketable food products with long shelf-life.


Professionals with a degree in food technology can explore immense opportunities in both public and private sector.

  • Bachelors in Agricultural Science: Agricultural Science is a multidimensional field consisting of different technical and scientific subjects. An undergraduate degree in Agricultural Science provides students with the knowledge of farm management, farm machinery, horticulture and research related to the farm business.


  • BSc Psychology: One of the most opted medical courses without NEET, Bachelor of Arts or BSc Psychology opens the door to an array of career opportunities across sectors. From Developmental and Social Psychology to Research Methodology, the BSc/ BA Psychology subjects cover an array of topics related to the field.


  • BSc Cardiovascular Technology: An emerging Medical Science field, BSc in Cardiovascular Technology imparts knowledge in various topics related to cardiovascular diseases and care like Echocardiography, Microbiology, Lymphatic Tissues, etc. along with computer hardware tools. These professionals assist the doctors in various activities. So, if you are wondering is Neet required for cardiovascular technology or not then the answer is No! Your PCB marks play a pivotal role in securing admission to the colleges.


  • B.Pharma: For those who want to build a career in Pharmacy, pursuing B Pharma is a suitable option. With a course duration of 4 years, a Bachelor of Pharmacy imparts extensive knowledge in areas like Drug Development, Pharmacology, Clinical Practice, etc. If you are looking for medical courses without NEET in this field then a diploma in Pharmacy is also worth exploring. 


  • Bachelors in Naturopathy & Yogic Sciences (BNYS): Not just limited to India, Yogic Science and Naturopathy courses are now also being offered by some universities across the world. Such programs focus on acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicines, etc., to purify the body and remove toxins. With the growing awareness regarding personal health, Medical courses without NEET like BNYS are being pursued by many. You must have cleared your 10+2 with a minimum of 45-50% with PCB subjects.


  • BSc Biology: BSc Biology is the most sought-after Bachelor of Science course which runs for 3-4 years. From Biodiversity and Medical Diagnostics to Systems Physiology and Public Health, the course imparts extensive knowledge of the field through both theory classes and practical labs.