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Vocational courses are an educational discipline that enables individual to acquire skills that are required for a particular trade. Vocational courses are traditionally non academic and are completely related to a specific trade, occupation or vocation.

These courses are designed to impart application based study where theoretical aspects are not studied independently. Vocational courses has diversified itself providing a wider scope for students after 10th standard. Vocational Courses are offered by various institutes, colleges, schools and government aided institutions.

The reason for the rise of vocational courses is students dropping out of traditional schools. A lot of surveys revealed that the factors like financial restrictions and other miscellaneous responsibilities are not only the reason for dropout but also the influence of people they see in front of them. Through this article, we discuss the Top 5 vocational courses available for students to pursue after Class 12.

  • Graphics Designing Course (DTP): This is one of the most preferred vocational courses if you have a creative bent. A vocational course in graphics design gives limitless room to unbridle the imaginative cord at its best. Hence, this career aisle is befitted for offbeat and inventive people who love to think in a novel way, have artistic taste, and can work on cutting-edge themes. In this vocational course, which is also known as Desktop Publishing, you can learn fundamental design and technical skills. It helps to lay an amazing foundation to kick-start a career in this field and gives on-the-job training experience with the help of an internship. After the certification, you can count on multiple roles across different sectors, organizations, media firms, Vfx & Animation studios, advertising, marketing agencies, and other creative agencies.


  • Fitness Courses: India has seen a rise in students opting for a career in the healthcare and fitness industry. Post-covid people have been more cautious about their health in India. They are heading towards a healthy lifestyle, gym schedules, and going to nutritionists. There are numerous fitness courses ranging from personal fitness, gym instructors, clinic dietitian, and much more.  If you are keen on being dynamic, zealous, and passionate about being physically fit then this course is tailored and made for you. This vocational course gives an insight into how you should invest in health and awards you with the latest fitness developments related to your chosen specification.  After these courses, you can enter the professional world with jobs in gyms, health clubs, academies, or sports clinics. Usually, fitness-related vocational courses are for 1 year but in some specialisations, it can go up to 2 years.


  • Culinary Arts: This is one of the vocational courses which is quite practical and gives ninety percent hands-on training. This course is an amalgamation of science and the art of concocting; blending of the food, and plating of food are also there. Those who do a specialized vocational course in Culinary Arts, work in restaurants and are famously called chefs. This course is imbibed with many different facets of food. The course in Culinary arts can also open an ocean of opportunities in the specialisation of Beverage administration, kitchen in-charge, and table etiquette. For students who have a knack for hospitality, it is available as a postgraduate or undergraduate course. After completing their studies, culinary art students can work with international hotels, cafes, five-star restaurants, railways, and airlines. One of the best parts is that almost all culinary arts courses are well-known internationally. This course not only brings an enticing career but also gives financial security. Thus it can  provide a balanced medium of earnings and recruitment opportunities. So, students who have a creative bent toward the art of cooking can surely go a long way with massive salary packages.


  • Stock Market Training: If risk-taking and taxing territory thrills you, if you are bent towards Sensex and Nifty, and you love to predict market trends passionately and accurately, then a career in the dynamic and competitive arena of the stock market can be a feasible choice for you to earn overnight and a significant amount of money. After doing this course, you can go ahead and become a stock broker, or dealer. Through this extensive vocational course, you can train on dealing with stocks in various capacities with respect to diverse clients, and assets. They make you versed in soft skills, problem-solving skills, and oratory skills. Once you are over with this course, it can open an ocean of job opportunities with management firms, investment firms, and other financial organisations. This can be termed as a primary or an alternative career option.

Commercial Pilot Training: Does flying jillions feet up in the breeze give you a kick? Do you like travelling to new places and that too when you know you can fly on your own? Turning into a Commercial Pilot is the best way to give wings to those castles in the sky. India is known to be a golden goose for aspiring pilots with the right guidance and 200 hours of total flying. To obtain a Commercial Pilot License (C.P.L.), students should start preparing for the most popular and trendy aviation courses after the 12th standard. One thing that is a must for pursuing these courses is that you should have Physics and Maths in your Class 12th Subjects. The duration of this course usually varies from 18 months to 2 years and prepares you for all the necessary things required to be a commercial pilot. This vocational course gives wings to your aviation dream.