What can I do (Roles Available) ?

Language Program Coordinator
Language Assessment Specialist
Language Consultant

Where can I work?

  • Govt organisations


Competitive salary and benefits, especially in corporate settings
Opportunities for professional development and advancement
Exposure to diverse industries and professionals
Flexible work options, including freelance or contract work
Ability to make a significant impact on employees' language and communication skills


Adapting training to different industries and company cultures
Dealing with varying levels of language proficiency among employees
Meeting specific business objectives and ROI expectations
Staying updated with industry-specific language and trends
Managing large classes or diverse groups of learners

Key Skills Required

Proficiency in the language(s) being taught
Strong teaching and presentation skills
Cross-cultural awareness and communication skills
Knowledge of business communication etiquette
Curriculum development and assessment expertise
Adaptability and flexibility to tailor training to the specific needs of the organization

What Should I study ?

Pathway 1
Class XII in any stream- B.A (English Language and Literature Linguistics Education/Foreign Languages)
Pathway 2
Pathway 3

Top colleges in India and Abroad

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