What can I do (Roles Available) ?

Aerospace Engineer
Data Scientist/Analyst
Project Manager
Mission Control Specialist
Satellite Communication Specialist
Space Policy Analyst

Where can I work?

  • ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization), and various research institutions.
  • Aerospace and technology companies like SpaceX, Boeing, Reliance Aerospace, etc
  • India's space startup ecosystem is growing rapidly, with companies like Pixxel, Skyroot Aerospace, and Agnikul Cosmos.
  • Consultant or entrepreneur, you can start your space-related business.


Cutting-edge technology and innovation.
Opportunity to work on prestigious space missions.
Contribution to India's space exploration and security.
High demand and competitive salaries.
Collaboration with international space agencies.


Intense competition for positions.
Complex and high-pressure work environments.
Lengthy development cycles for space missions.
Strict security protocols.
Ongoing need for skill development.

Key Skills Required

Strong foundation in mathematics and physics.
Problem-solving and analytical skills.
Proficiency in programming languages like C/C++ and Python.
Teamwork and communication skills.
Adaptability and a willingness to learn.
Knowledge of CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.

What Should I study ?

Pathway 1
Class XII (Science)- B.Tech in Aerospace Engineering/Mechanical Engineering/Electronics and Communication Engineering
Pathway 2
Class XII (Science)- B.Sc. in Physics- M.Sc in Astrophysics
Pathway 3
Class XII (Science)- B.Sc. in Astronomy or Astrophysics- M.Sc in Astronomy or Astrophysics

Top colleges in India and Abroad

India map
Abroad map


"Careers in Space Science and Technology" by NASA

Diverse opportunities in science and technology.

"ISRO: Journey of India's Space Agency" by Bloomberg

India's space agency's achievements and contributions.

"SpaceX: The Journey to Mars" by SpaceX

Pioneering interplanetary travel and colonization prospects.




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