Aluminium Box

Aluminium Utensils manufacturing is a crucial industrial activity in India. Aluminium is a desirable metal because it is more malleable and elastic than steel. It is lightweight, conducts heat well and is fairly inexpensive than other metals for manufacturing of utensils. It is commonly available in sheet, cast and anodized forms and combines well with other metals. Domestic Utensils are used in households for cooking, storing or heating water etc. Today we see school bags of all shapes and colours, some with popular cartoon characters and superheroes (Spiderman/Superman). Remember in our childhood days, we used to carry our lunch boxes (aluminium rectangular-shaped ones with the hinged lid) and Pencil Boxes made of Aluminium. And what did we have in these aluminium boxes? As toddlers just a box of snacks and Lunch. At the primary level, a small pencil box with a Natraj or Camlin pencil or two, a packet of colour pencils, an eraser and a sharpener. Beginning from our own childhood and moving forward to the present, the consumption of aluminium containers has significantly increased.