Anodic Aluminium Labels

Aluminium is great for adding variable information (either to the place of issue, or in the customer’s office using stamping. Thanks to the migration of the high-and low-maintenance aluminium sticker, this sticker is now used for marking industrial equipment and asset panels. Low price, high printing and finishing are the main characteristics of aluminium labels, and tag is a unique feature of metal labels and tags. Aluminium tag and label are available in two types depending on the thickness of the applications, such as, for example, foil star stickers. In general, in vain, aluminium label, sticker and in the most favourable methods of tracking, identification, protection, safety, pay attention to the label. Data matrix and QR codes are widely used methods for encoding aluminium labels and labels. Aluminium labels and stickers used for its wide use, such as identification, equipment branding and labelling information, such as load limit, machine tolerance, user manual, measurement, safety, safety and information.