Artificial Jewellery

The glorious history of India has affected every aspect of the Indian lifestyle. Jewellery has been an integral part of Indian lifestyle. Indian Jewellery is a very special piece of jewellery which has a special niche for itself, and is liked by all over the world for its design and craftsmanship. In fact, jewellery is considered as prestige of women in the country. In addition to the traditional jewellery, artificial jewellery has received incredible love and attention of Indian women since centuries. The popularity of imitation jewellery has increased unimaginably with the nostalgia of the upper middle class people to adorn bold, beautiful and affordable jewellery. With the Industrial Revolution and the introduction of modern technology, designs improved drastically and thereby demands also surged. It is loved by everyone for its beauty and pocket-friendly prices. This unique fashion accessory is manufactured as a look-alike to real jewellery to complement the outfits and speak a style statement. Recently, various designers have added their charm to artificial jewellery, giving it a designer, modern-day touch. Gold plated, German silver, beaded brass, etc. are some of the versions of imitation jewellery