Automobile Repairing and Services Centre

Due to wear and tear, friction, the life of automobiles decreases. Hence, the automobiles needs frequent service in all respects in order to keep them in good working condition. The unit can be set up in rural areas, nearby towns on any roads to cater the service of vehicles. Automobile repairing and servicing is a most commonly known activity in almost all urban areas where all types of motor vehicles like cars, buses, lorries, jeeps, etc. are periodically sent for repairing and servicing. Improper maintenance of vehicles, present conditions of roads, irresponsible driving, using cheaper spare parts, etc. are the main reasons for break-down of the vehicles. Service station is the most essential unit to vehicle users. This unit can be established in urban, semi-urban and village areas to meet the local requirement. Candidates having good experience or qualified persons can start this unit with low investment. This project profile is for Automobile Repairing and Servicing Unit based on 300 working days per annum and 8 working hours per day