Bicycle Assembly

Bicycle assembly is a long and skill-intensive activity. Many bicycle supplier, especially the one who sell their product online, claim that their bicycles are pre-assembled, and can be ready to ride with just a few turns of a metric Allen wrench. The “manufacturers” are simply distribution firms that sell bikes to stores, and they never even open the boxed up “pre-assembled” boxes. Carelessly Assembled Bicycles are dangerous. Even an inexpensive bicycle can be very dangerous to ride if not assembled properly. Those bicycles which are carelessly assembled can be found in both children and adult category and resultant malfunction can lead to serious child injury. Several problems have been reported involving parts not being fully tightened or put together in a wrong way like pedals, handlebars, seat posts, front wheels or training wheels causing serious injury on falling apart unexpectedly. The danger increases in more complex assemblies generally found in bicycle such as sports bicycles having more complex components.