Coir Foam (Rubberized)

Rubberized Coir is an organic versatile product as the important raw materials going into its manufacture are plant derivatives – from rubber and coconut trees. Coir is a natural fibre extracted from coconut husk; it is the fibrous material found between the hard, inner shell and the outer line of the coconut. Coir and centrifugal natural latex are treated together to produce 100% natural rubberized coir sheets. As such, it is bio-degradable and eco-friendly. This is the first consideration in its favor, especially when compared to its competitors, both PVC and U Foam and synthetic products. Rubberized coir has actually enhanced the respectability of the humble coconut fibre used under feet (foot mat) into a novel consumer utility product which the human body can rest and recline. In the present day when environment and ecological considerations are top-most in every person’s mind, it is only natural that all encouragements and incentives are to be given to increase its production and propagating its use everywhere.