Cotton Yarn Dyeing

Dyeing is the process of adding colour to textile products like fibres, yarns and fabrics. India has a very rich tradition in the use of natural dyes. Natural dyes have been a part of human life since time immemorial and were the only colorants in the world. Natural dyes are dyes derived from animal or plant material without any chemical treatment. They are obtained from sources like flowers, leaves, insects, bark roots etc.; however, they are not readily available and involve an extraction process. In prehistoric times, natural colorants were usually obtained from berries, blossoms, barks and roots. They were applied to the fibre without any pre-treatment of the dye-material or the textile. Lately there has been increasing interest in natural dyes as the public becomes aware of the ecological and environmental problems related to the use of synthetic dyes. Synthetic dyes are harmful for both human as well as environment. In the era of conscious consumers, interest in natural dyes has grown mainly because natural dyes have been found to possess health-promoting and eco-friendly properties.