Disposable Needles with Syringes

Plastics are finding greater use in medical disposables and replacing conventional materials like metals and glass. One such application which has been established in the country is the use of disposable syringes produced from polypropylene resin by the process of injection moulding. The components include the plunger, main body which is graduated to indicate capacity, gasket, needle holder and the sheath cover for the needle. The individual syringes are over wrapped in a polyethylene film pouch for subsequent sterilization by ethylene oxide/gamma radiation. PP injection moulded syringes are available in sizes of 1 ml, 2 ml, 5 ml, and 10 ml, & also higher sizes in a variety of designs. Due to its availability in sterilized condition, cost economics and ready to use form, disposable syringes are replacing glass
syringes due to advantages such as crack resistance and safety from damage in transit. The PP disposable syringes are having many advantages over conventional glass syringes such as light weight, Crack resistant, Leak proof, Disposable, Eco friendly, Sterilisable, See through clarity etc