Fishing Net

Fishing net is used by fisherman for fishing activities. Fishing nets are usually formed by knotting a relatively thin thread. In ancient times, nets were woven from flaxes, grasses and other fibrous stuff. Modern nets are usually fabricated of artificial polyamides like nylon. Fish net making is consumer oriented and flexible industry. The type of nets to be manufactured, in terms of mesh size, depends largely on the demand of the fishermen. Machine made nets are preferred over hand-made nets as they are more efficient, have better life and provide better catch thus this will have a direct impact on returns to the fisherman. Miller Net Company Inc., Siang May, Magnum polymers Pvt. ltd., Brunson net and Supply Inc., Memphis Net and Twine, Viet AU ltd., Naguara Net Co. Inc., Nitto Seimo, Siang May, and SNC are the key players in producing fishing net worldwide.