Liquid Oxygen

Liquid oxygen is a type of cryogenic liquid. Liquefied gases that have a normal boiling point below –90°C are known as Cryogenic liquids. Boiling point of liquid oxygen is – 183°C. Even in winter, the temperature difference between the product and the surrounding environment is substantial and it is essential to keep liquid oxygen insulated from the surrounding heat. Special equipment for handling and storage is also required for the product. Although oxygen is used primarily as a gas, it is often stored as liquid. It is generally liquefied so that it can be more effectively transported and stored in large volumes. Oxygen is mostly used after it is vaporized to gaseous form. Oxygen is used in medical applications. The primary uses of oxygen relate to its life-sustaining and strong oxidizing properties. Liquid oxygen is used in liquid fuels as an oxidant and in the propellant systems of rockets and missiles.