Mosquito Net

People have become too much concerned about their health and hygiene. The mosquito is spreading diseases like dengue, malaria, etc. To protect themselves from these diseases the people are using mosquito net at least in the night to cover their bed. A mosquito net has a curtain like structure that is draped over a bed. Not only does a mosquito net keep away flying insects like mosquitoes, flies and bees, it will also keep away crawling insects like spiders, roaches, water bugs and more. These nets are good for health and don’t smell pungent as mosquito repellents. Highly diversified topography with dense network of water streams, deep forests and thus moist climate have kept India’s North East region highly Malaria prone. And this propensity hosts a potential of Rs 350 Cr per annum market of mosquito net. Karur in Tamil Nadu is one of the major production belt and home to 2000+knitting looms. Surat and Delhi are other important production belts. Top manufacturers of mosquito nets in India are Raj Filters, Fars Wiremesh , RK Ecran , Phifer and Good Night Mosquito Net.