Paper Plate

Disposable paper plates as the name suggests are made out of special quality paper. Be it a picnic or a finger food party, the role of paper plates can never be denied. These products are conveniently used for serving eatables during family functions, eating chats and snacks, fruits, sweets etc. Most of the sweet shops use it for serving their customers with dry as well as wet sweets/ napkins. The caterers utilize disposable paper plate during parties and social functions. These are a convenient replacement for crockery and utensils. Since these items are lightweight and can be easily disposed off, they are very convenient to be carried to any place for serving food items. These plates are available in a wide range of designs and sizes to meet the needs and preferences of consumers.  Any outdoor party in India is really unthinkable without the paper plates. Seen in this perspective, starting your own paper plate business is a great way of earning an extra income every month. The banning of manufacturing and use of plastic plates all across the globe offers a good opportunity for producing and selling eco-friendly paper plates.