Pottery in Electric Wheel

The art of pottery is believed to be one of the oldest and most important traditional crafts of India. It has come down to our times from pre-historic age. No other art traces the story of human beings on this earth as clearly as pottery does. The tides of time have washed away many civilisations but evidence of their existence remains in fragments of pottery. The pottery industry in India provides mass employment along with betterment of the living standards; both the village and city people comprise the work force of the industry. Moreover, this industry is known to play a vital role in the total GDP of India and even in the foreign revenue. Archaeologists and art historians like to use the word “pottery” to mean vessels. It is because most have never made any fired object out of clay. Potters have never done this and probably never did. For potters, the word pottery means anything made out of clay and then transformed into a ceramic by firing. The process to make a fired object is the same no matter what it is shaped like.

This project profile is for setting up of a pottery unit, based on 300 working days per annum and 8 working hours per day.