Pouch Making And Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure printing is commonly used to print on packaging materials such as polythene packs, bread wrappers, and other similar items. Wrappers for soap, milk pouches, and other items materials for flexible packaging. The utilization of such packing items is progressively increasing in popularity. As a result of this, the significance of the use of rotogravure printing is increasing all the time. Gravure is one of many printing techniques being actively used in the new field of printing specially for the food industry and other industries. Rotogravure printing machine refers to the high-speed intaglio printing system used for printing in the packaging of the products. The intaglio printing process is done through the engraved rotating cylinders. The rotogravure printing machine is generally used for printing on packaging items such as food pouches, polythene packets, confectionery wrappers, soap wrappers and others such packaging materials.