Solar Charkha

A yarn is a long continuous length of interlocked fibres. Strands of fibres are brought closer to each other by twisting. Twists impart strength to the fibre strand which is then termed as a yarn. It is suitable for the production of fabrics, thread for sewing, crocheting, knitting, embroidery and/or rope making. The yarn spun on a charkha can have different thickness. Thick yarn is used for floor coverings, medium thickness for upholstery items and fine quality yarn is used for making dress material. Different types of fibres – cotton, wool, hemp and silk are spun on charkha in the villages in many states of India. Gandhian charkha had a great revolutionary history, it was looked as a symbol of Indian Independence struggle and Unity. Gandhiji had given the masses a tool to earn their livelihood and respect. Technological innovation in production processes is important and necessary to improve the efficiency of product value chains. Now a days, Solar Charkhas are available in the market which are totally driven by solar, eliminates the problems related to yarn quality, increases the productivity and increases the income of rural people.