Solar Light Assembling Unit

Over the last two decades, the rural areas of India have witnessed many changes. There are better road connections, there is a significant improvement in health care, literacy levels have gone up and mobile phones have become ubiquitous. But one thing that hasn’t changed much is the sorry state of electricity supply. 12-14 hours load shedding is a common phenomenon across most states of the country. In absence of electricity, villagers need to resort to Kerosene lamps. Kerosene lamps are accident prone with risk of kerosene spilling resulting in fire hazard, emit carbon monoxide smoke, soot and toxic fumes affecting the eye sight which is harmful to the health of humans. Among all possible solutions, solar energy based solar lanterns, solar street lights, solar inverter appear to provide the cheapest and quickest solution. Emerging LED lighting technology which is semiconductor based presents a wonderful solution to this simple lighting issue. Solar technology coupled with LED technology has made it possible for entrepreneurs in the lighting industry to come up with innovative low cost lighting solutions for the off-grid poor around the world. This project profile is for setting up of a Solar Light assembling unit, based on 300 working days per annum and 8 working hours per day.