Surgical Bandages

Surgical bandages are mainly used for medical purposes. They are widely used in healthcare facilities. Usually in the form of a towel or pad, bandages are placed directly against the wound or used to bind a garment to the wound. The applications of bandages range from simply decorating superficial wounds to attaching fractured bones or body parts together for rehabilitation and recovery. Surgical bandages are made from suitable quality white bleached cotton gauze cloth. They usually come in roll form 3 to 4 meters long.In recent years, tremendous advances are created within the style and composition of bandages and covering. Protection of wounds for the purposes provided by the dressing; Promoting healing; and providing, retaining or removing moisture. Bandages
can be used to keep clothing in place, reduce pain, and generally make the patient comfortable. Elastic bandages are effective in applying constant pressure to injuries such as varicose veins, broken ribs and swollen joints.