T-shirts are sturdy, versatile clothes with mass charm. The tee shirt market of Asian country includes knit shirts, polos, knit tops, etc., and is specifically targeted towards the youth section. According to the most recent reports from India’s leading service industry firm Techno Pak Advisors Pvt. Ltd., the dimensions of the shirt market in India is calculable to be at Rs.23.21 crores that is predicted to grow at a promising CAGR of ~10 % over future decade to achieve Rs.61.95 crores by 2027. In line with business reports, within the gift state of affairs, men’s wear holds a key share within the market, followed by women’s wear and youngsters wear. At constant time, the ladies phase is registering a quicker growth that specialists attribute to the relatively lower base of market size and increasing acceptance of casual covering among women. Also, t-shirts square measure finding a bigger house within the Tier -V girl’s wardrobe too. Like elsewhere within the world, the Indian consumers’ distinct shift from formal covering to modern and casual apparel has provided a lift to the shirt market within the country. Comfort characteristics, easy-care properties, affordability, easy-design choices and an informal look square measure the most important driving forces propellent the shirt market in Republic of India.