Tyre Retreading By Hot Process

Smart driving habits and good maintenance will extend the life of a tyre. However, wear and tear eventually catch on and they are no longer suitable for use. Car owners have the option to buy a new tyre or re-read it, which is an efficient way to save money. Retreading is for tyres that have retained some wear, but are still strong enough to drive. A tyre wear cover with a good structural quality is removed from the car and fitted with an updated tread and side rubber. The refurbished tyre then vulcanizes the new rubber to the original casing through the curing process. The result is a new tyre with a new tread. Re-reading tyres is considered to be the safest and is used in a variety of vehicles. Reusable tyres are subject to the same safety process as factory-made new tyres. The retreading process is very suitable and very beneficial for heavy tyres such as construction vehicles, trucks, buses and military vehicles. The labour and cost of re-reading is much less expensive and environmentally friendly than making new tyres.