Brinjal is a versatile plant that has been adapted to different agricultural areas. It can grow all year round. In India, Brinjal covers more than 8.14% of the total vegetable area and produces 9% of the total vegetable production. And, hence it can be a profitable crop to grow in the North-East India too. They are a balanced source of vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and iron and hence can form a great part of one’s daily diet. So now you know why our Begena Pitika is everyone’s favourite. North Eastern Brinjal varieties have excellent quality in having large size, soft flesh and less seeds. It has a typical bitter taste which is specific to the region. Bitter Brinjal is one of the preferred crop in the region due to its medicinal value and being source of food and nutrition to the tribals betokens the sweet essence of this bitter crop. Nonetheless, other varieties of the crop can be very well cultivated in the region.

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