Jack Fruit

The one fleshy delicious dish for the vegeterians that do not let them miss meat is Jackfruit, known by its scientific name Artocarpus heterophyllus, and is rich with vitamin A,C, carbohydrates and minerals is the fourth largest-grown fruit in the country after banana, mango and grapes. It is a species of tree in fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family. Origin of Jackfruit can be found in the region between Western Ghats of Southern India, all of Srilanka and rainforets of Malaysia. There are varieties of Jackfruit like Gulabi’(rose scented), ‘Champa’, Hazari, Rudrakshi, GKVK-1, Swarna. Gumless jack, Muttan Varica, Singapore or Ceylon Jack, Burliar-1, Palur-1, Pechiparai-1, Hybrid Jack. This fruit grows well in a warm, humid, tropical climate. There is a huge demand for jackfruit pulp used in making ice cream and cake. Tripura being the biggest producer of Jackfruit in the country, Northeast India can boost its economy and business sector with high Jackfruit production. .