Raw Material Input

seed Vegetables
seed Fruits
seed Herbs
capacity Capacity

2000 kg /batch

Target Process

process-1 Inward Material
process-1 Sorting
process-1 Cutting
process-1 Dehydration
process-1 Size Reduction
process-1 Q.C. and Packing

Final Products


Dehydrated Vegetable Flakes & Powder


Dehydrated Fruit Flakes

Infrastructure Required

icon-1.png Plot

20000s sq. ft.

icon-2.png Shed

8000 sq. ft.

icon-3.png Power

80 KW

icon-4.png Water

1000 liters/shift

Plan and Machinery Required

1Receiving Dock
2 Inspection Conveyor
3 Pre-Cutting
4 Washing
5 Dewatering
6 Cutting
7 Dehydration
8 Size Reduction
9 Q.C.
10 Weighing and Packing set up

Plant and Machinery Cost

Details In INR in Lakhs
Plot 00
Plot Development 05
Building 70
Plant And Machinery 135
Misc. fixed Assets 30
Contingencies 10
capacity Employment Generation

Direct: 30 nos.

Indirect: 30 nos.

Cost Of Sale or Either

INR350.00/kg FG sale price 35000 kg /batch Output


Sale price per kg 04.60 USD


Target Sales Revenue 300 days p.a. 8 hours shift

INR.220 Lakhs (Job Work)

USD 01.611 Million $

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