There are a variety of employment opportunities for foreign nationals working in France. France ranks seventh in the world in terms of national income. France is one of the largest economies under the European Union (EU), so, average salaries in France are amongst the highest in the EU.It is the third largest economy in Europe and the seventh largest worldwide.

Visas in France are of two types- Short stay visas and long stay visas. The short stay visa is generally issued for tourism, business trips and family visits. The long stay visa is for professional, studies, training and family purpose. To apply for a valid visa for France, a valid passport is required.

In France, jobs such as engineering, management, hospitality and tourism, teaching, etc are among the top tier in terms of both salary and growth. In order to work in France, foreign nationals require a work permit known as Employment Pass. They need this authorization before granting a visa. If working period for a foreign national is less than 90 days, then the employer needs to get a temporary work permit. A short-stay work visa is required to work in France for less than 90 days unless the employee is from EU/EEA/Switzerland. If the working period is more than 90 days, a long stay visa is required.