There are a variety of employment opportunities for foreign nationals working in Malaysia. One of Asia’s biggest business hub, Malaysia is a developed economy with rapidly improving technology and advancing infrastructure. Due to its culture, lifestyle and world-renowned national oil company Petronas – Malaysia is a very popular destination for foreign nationals. The job market is highly competitive in Malaysia and comes with its own sets of rules and regulations. The most in-demand jobs in Malaysia are in sales and marketing, information technology, accounting and auditing, customer service, hospitality and tourism, engineering, construction, human resources and business management.

A job application in Malaysia requires a resume or a Curriculum Vitae and a cover letter. The resume should be chronological and personal details such as religion, age, race, marital status and signature should never be included in a job application for Malaysia. It is imperative to display good English proficiency, a cosmopolitan attitude and exceptional qualifications. The resume should include professional experience, educational background, soft skills and career goals. A complete dossier of educational certificates, diplomas, job recommendations and references will be requested by the company you are applying to. The cover letter should explain why you are right for the job and how you could add value to the company despite not being from the country.

In Malaysia, jobs such as nursing, pharmaceutical, medicine, law, land surveying, engineering and dentistry are governed by Malaysia’s own sets of rules and regulations that require job seekers to register with the government and provide essential details about it as well as the salary. In order to work in Malaysia, foreign nationals require a work permit known as Employment Pass. To obtain an employment pass, you have to be at least 27 years old and earn a minimum salary of RM 5,000 per month. The employment pass is primarily available for senior or technically skilled professionals with specialist work experience and high salaries. There are two main types of employment pass permit to legally live and work in the country namely, Employment Pass (Category I) and Employment Pass (Category II).