Smti. Daplin Rymbai



Smti. Daplin Rymbai who chaired by Jingjaw Umbarit Agro Food Products Cooperative Society LTD, Liarbang district, Ri Bhoi district. The community is actively managed by the Department of Cooperatives, Trade and Industry, Agriculture and MIE. They have made an incredible impact on the lives of the numerous villagers by helping them to get IAY housing, dairy cattle, has helped local youth to start a fast food business after being trained by MIE at IIHM, Shillong. In addition, members of the group also represent Meghalaya at various exhibitions and conferences. Smti. Daplin herself was honored and awarded the “North East Women Achievers Award 2016-17” by FICCI FLO North East in 2017 for her leadership and contribution to society.,