Mandira Baruah



“I just kept doing what made sense to me, responding to the needs of the women around me.." Satsaree, an NGO founded by Mandira Baruah has found employment for over 5,000 women through direct and indirect ways. It has given them the confidence to fight their own battles, to deal with exploitation, to say ‘no’ to dowry, to stand up to harassment and domestic abuse, to report cases of sexual abuse and any other violations. She is also the owner of Mandira’s taxi service which eventually transitioned into a travel agency. On 31 March 2019, she holds another record,Guinness Book of World Records 2020 as Satsaree organized the performance of 700 nasoni (female Bihu dancers) and 150 dhuliya (male Bihu dancers) and performed live in Guwahati.