Variety of Plants

1 Cauliflower Plant
2 Cabbage Plant
3 Chilli Plant
4 Tomato Plant
5 Brinjal Plant

Total Yearly Production (1st year)

Cauliflower Plant Cabbage Plant Chilli Plant Tomato Plant Brinjal Plant
403120 403120 1612495 1074720 671000

Raw Materials Required

seed Cauliflower seeds
seed Cabbage seeds
seed Chilli seeds
seed Tomato seeds
seed Brinjal seeds

Final Products


Seedlings of Vegetable Plants

Infrastructure Required

icon-1.png Farm Land

50000 sq ft

icon-2.png Building

Plant and machinery / Equipment

1 Tools and Equipment (Including Sprinkler Irrigation System
2 Storage tank
3 Land Tilling Machine
4 etc.)
capacity Employment Generation

Agricultural Technician 1

Office staff cum accountant 1

Skilled workers 4

Workers (contract basis) 6

Security guard 2

Land Development Cost

Cost of fencing (Barbed wire fencing with live woodAA fencing posts)
Storage Tank for water
Rain-water harvesting system
Water Treatment Plant

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Farm Land

Details Value
Area of Mother Bed 50,000 Sq. Ft.
Seed Sowing Area 30000 sq. ft.
Space Required for Walking 5000 sq. ft

Nursery Cycle (Ready to be Transplanted)

Details Months
Cauliflower Plant 15-20 days
Cabbage Plant 20-30 days
Chilli Plant 15-20 days
Tomato Plant 20-30 days
Brinjal Plant 15-20 days


Cauliflower Plant Cabbage Plant Chilli Plant Tomato Plant Brinjal Plant
It requires moist and cold temperature to germinate. It grows well in deep loamy soils rich in organic matter having a pH of 5.5 to 6.6. It requires moist and cold temperature ranging from 15-21°C to germinate. It requires warm, humid weather. A temperature range of 20-25°C is ideal for growing chilli. It requires a temperature range of 21-24°C with low to medium rainfall. It requires warm temperature conditions ranging from 20-24°C.

Soil Type

1 Well Drained
2 Fertile
3 Loamy Soil
4 Filled with micro nutrients and organic material


Cauliflower Plant Cabbage Plant Chilli Plant Tomato Plant Brinjal Plant
Winter Autumn Spring Summer and Monsoon Summer and Monsoon

Pesticides, Fertilizer and Manure

These plants are grown using phosphate-based fertilizers. Cow dung and micronutrients for soil are also required.

Cost and Revenue Analysis

Details Cost(variable) per Sapling
Cauliflower Plant Rs. 1.45
Cabbage Plant Rs. 1.55
Chilli Plant Rs. 1.40
Tomato Plant Rs. 1.50
Brinjal Plant Rs. 1.48
Details Selling Price per Sapling
Cauliflower Plant Rs. 2.40
Cabbage Plant Rs. 2.40
Chilli Plant Rs. 1.95
Tomato Plant Rs. 5.50
Brinjal Plant Rs. 2.85

Land Owned
Land Development cost 77.50
Mother bed Preparation cost 3.75
Civil works and Buildings 1.80
Plant and Machinery 2.70
Miscellaneous Fixed Assets 1.95
D G Set (20 KVA) 1.80
Escalation & Contingencies (2%) 1.79
Preliminary & Preoperative Expenses 9.94
Sub-total (A) 101.23
Working Capital Margin @25% of Total WC Requirement 0.75
Total Project Cost 101.98
Amount Percentage
TERM LOAN (A) 60.74 59%
Total Loan (A+B) 62.99 60%
Equity 41.24 40%
Total 104.23 100%

Financial Benchmarks











Target Revenue 129.03 138.19 145.10 152.35 159.97
Break Even Point 55% 48% 43% 39% 36%
DSCR including Principal Repayment 2.01 2.52 2.96 3.47 4.07

Power rate per unit 8.5 Rs / unit
Power Requirement Rs. 12,000 per year
Interest rate assumed 8.50%
Repayment period 6 months Moratorium and 7 years’ repayment.
Training Institutes N.A.
Whether the service is in the Negative list under NEIDS and MSME? No
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